Alternative Human Community

Alternative Human Community

Most people are content to “consume” news, ideas and events. Intelligent people are curious, reflective and proactive. They don’t settle for “digested” thoughts of others. They prefer to think for themselves, draw their own conclusions and act on them. (Meetings with thinking people are memorable because we always walk away from them richer.)

We share the same trip during the same time in history. We each contend with issues and events we believe to be ours alone. We have thoughts and reflections which we believe to be uniquely ours. Alternative Human Community is here to share and affirm just such thoughts because power lies in the realization that our experiences, feelings and thoughts are to a large degree universal.

Hence Alternative Human Community: an organization for thinking people and a blog. The main sections of Alternative Human Community’s blog are Topics, Issues, News Reexamined, Living, Moral Challenges and Existential Questions. I examine, reflect and share in the hope that the readers will take with them a “doggy bag” of food for thought.

Do I have an agenda? Yes, but it isn’t hidden. I advocate for living with eyes open, examining issues that matter and making positive impact. The rest of Alternative Human Community’s “agenda” is available for all to see in my Mission Statement.

If you share my convictions, welcome: I look forward to getting to know you! If you oppose my views, every post on Alternative Human Community’s blog has a comment section, feel free to use it.